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Camera speed for hotkeys#1141

TTS allows you to set hotkeys for camera positions, however, if you use these hotkeys there is always this delayed animation of the camera moving their and rotating properly.

Could the animation speed either be controlled or an optional feature (Instant Camera movement vs Animated Camera movement)

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Yes please

Loading a camera position is pretty much a useless feature for me as of now because I can do it faster manually. The fact that it is only helpful when having the same viewing angle makes it barely considerable

Also using hotkeys like that is inconvenient

have on screen UI buttons instead, not too big, renameable so one does not have to memorize which is which

Was going to implement such a feature into a Mod I made

2 years ago

The rotation speed is slow by default but you CAN change it under the Misc settings. After putting a high value there, the camera shortcuts are VERY useable and pretty much near-instant, so I use them all the time. Some lateral movement speed option could be nice but personally it’s so fast that I don’t see the point.

However, I DO think a high value for the rotation speed should be the default. It’s a pretty deeply buried option and is WAY too slow by default

2 years ago

What I COULD see is some Unity/Unreal style keyboard shortcuts for de/accelerating when you’re in first person view. Shift and Ctrl are the default for those in Unity iirc, and that could work well here too. (Maybe TTS even has that and I forgot, I never use 1st person view unless im going under the table)

2 years ago