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Tablet Permission - "Don't ask again"/Accept combined multiple popups into one window.#1260

Currently, when opening many tablets at once you have to manually accept the permission for each one. Or at best, accept one and reload the save.

It would be far more convenient to accept all of them with a single click. Make it optional - “Accept All”, “Accept”, “Deny”, “Deny All” (With “Don’t Ask Again”).

I run a mod that pulls in a great number of websites to collate up to date information on game rules. Having a swarm of popups every time you load the mod is a big nuisance. And surely, if I’m running in single player and by myself with my own mod I have no need to ask myself permission?

I understand the need for permission, but implentation could be far more user friendly. Thanks, hope you understand.

2 years ago

I just realised in addition to this, it’s the same with models that fail or cannot be loaded. When you open the mod you have to click off the window multiple times when it would be easier to have a “Apply to All” function.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
a year ago