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I'm on a Mac and the game crashes to desktop when loading some common objects#1382


Mac OS 10.14.6
Whenever I load certain workshop items or objects tts crashes to desktop.
Using either launch options (eg. metal) makes no diffrence.
I’ve checked the steam files etc. Turned off the fps counter/overlay etc.
I’ve attached a log of the crash. Both the tts and OS logs.
I’ve been having this problem for some time and trying to fix it.
The friends I play with don’t seem to be having this problem.
Strangly in some instances if they host the game and load the objects I have no crashes.
However in single or multiplayer if I always crash.

Looking at the logs it seems to be something to do with Unity and the number of points on meshes.
Is there a way to increase the ram limit availble to tts? I have more than enough to spare on my system? The crash seems to be assosiated with the ‘fallback handler’.

Help very much appriciated.

2 years ago

Throw that thrash away and get an actual computer with windows.

2 years ago