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Down in Flames Locked-on Skill not loading, incorrect & missing.#1800


1) Test Pilot skill is a small grey cube instead of green skill token.
Right Click > Custom > Main = <Down In Flames - Locked On>dinflo_testpilot 1.unity3d
Note: Formatting on here put part of the name on a new line. There is a space between the testpilot & 1.

Edit 06 Oct 2022: Changing the name to <Down In Flames - Locked On>dinflo_testpilot.unity3d allows the Test Pilot skill to load

2) The Timely +5 skill is missing and is needed for two of the campaigns.

3) The Ace skill has a +2 cost, this is incorrect it should have a +15 cost.

Edit 06 Oct 2022: To be clear, the back of the Ace skill should have +15 on it, not +2.

Tabletop simulator version v13.2.2, Windows 10 and just purchased the DLC this week.

a year ago