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We need a visual tool to adjust the hex grid#1871


Trying to match a TTS hex grid perfectly to the actual visual hex grid of a wargame map or any hex-based game board is extremely difficult. You have to adjust the size and offsets incrementally down to 0.01 values and do a lot of trial and error. Even then, it might not match perfectly.

I propose to add a new tool to adjust the TTS hex grid by directly moving the X and Y bounds of a single hexagon. This way the player can visually adjust its six corners to perfectly match one of the hexagons in the underlying visuals, and TTS can automatically deduce the actual offset and X and Y dimensions from the place the player placed the single hexagon.
There would need to be a “keep aspect ratio” checkbox - enabled by default, but which you can disable if you realize the underlying visuals have hexes that are stretched in one direction instead of perfect hexes.

I’m targeting hex grids with this idea since it’s definitely the hardest kind to adjust, but it would be better if the same tool could be used to adjust the bounds of a single cell of any kind of grid.

4 months ago
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