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Flip table Confirmation#1890


When I click the flip table button the table does not flip. A dialog box pops up that I must move and click Yes or No on. (keyboard input does not seem to function.) Please remove this bug from the game. If it is not a bug and suppose to be there please remove it as it takes away from playing on this platform. If you will not remove this unwanted feature can you please allow it to be disabled?

4 months ago

I cannot even flip the table at all, thus preventing me from getting the achievement related to the built-in tutorial.

3 months ago

Agreed. Remove the dialog box for flipping the table (it removes the fun of flipping the table), we have an option to disable the flip table button already. A reasonable alternative is to disable flipping by default, but for the love of all that is holy remove the dialog prompt.

2 days ago