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The unobtainable "be social" achievement#1895

hey berserk, well, apparently when i was focusing on highschool a quite big drama stormed down on the game’s global chat, involving a player named Xoe, a moderator, the discord community and even the media. I’ve read the articles and came understand the decision of removing the global chat. However, i believe the whole process wasnt totally planned, as a requirement for 100% the game you’d have to send a mininum of 1 message there.

How, i know maybe this is something worth updating the game for, and i’d NEVER ask for reopening the global chat again, as not only i agreewith the decision but also that would be quite arrogant of me, but there this fraction of the users in the steam community sometimes called “Achievement Hunters”, and i indentify as one.

I had bought the game last year with the intention of 100% it one day, but school caught up with me and i only played a bit (enough so refunding it is impossible),
and i’ve seen other people complaing about this so i’m not entirely selfish.

So here’s the suggestion: change the requirement from “You posted a message in global chat, hurray!” to “You posted a message in chat, hurray!”.
reason 1: The jerks/Trolls responsible for the toxicity propably feel they won, by not only making the devs close the chat, but also effectively creating an unobtainalbe achievement
reason 2: An unobtainalbe achievement makes the game’s steam page quite unclean
reason 3: If not changed, it will forever stay as a reminder of what happened

And now, things you might say:
“But you can just disable the game from your account if it annoys you so much, that way you wont have a game forever not 100%”
response: not only i paid for the game with the intention of 100%ing it, i love it. To this day my friends and i hop in when we have time
“but you can just cheat the achievement”
responde: no, no. not only i’m not up to be a cheater, i’m pretty sure other people dont know how to cheat it and wouldnt even if they knew how.

Hope i didnt sound rude, arrogant or selfish, and sorry if my english isn’t all that great. Regardless of the results, i’d love to hear the responde from you guys.

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