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spawnObjectJSON bug#1901

I save the object via getJSON, after which I try to spawn it using the spawn Object JSON function. If Cyrillic characters “о”, “м” or “С” are present (anywhere) in the object’s JSON, then the function throws an error. I tried to replace it with similar characters of the Latin alphabet, but then some characters also change (for example, “>” changes to the same as “о”), replacement by searching for “\u{xxx}” with a value previously obtained using string.unicode() and translated into hex(it is used as a constant, no calculation is required in the code) works similarly to the previous one.

The text was translated in the translator

3 months ago

Does this happen for other characters at or beyond code point 128 (\u0080)? If so, verify the JSON string is in fact UTF-8 but does not start with a “Byte Order Mark”.

See also:

3 months ago

JSON is coded right(checked with log()), bug exactly in SpawnObjectJSON

3 months ago