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Better asset storage.#1907

My biggest complaint with TTS is when assests stop working because they go link dead. Most people have stored .OBJ files and images on outside services that have gone down. You should make it mandatory that files be stored in the 100GB users have access to, AND put up a notice letting users know that anything uploaded and shared publicly will remain on the server so we can eliminate link dead items. Build a better web based interface so i can drag and drop files into folders, including images and .OBJ files more easily than through the game.

Here’s the problem…. PEOPLE DIE and dont renew there domains they stored everything on… and then people like myself use the assests and they go link dead and all my stuff gets broken. COMPANIES DIE…. How many image storage sites have come and gone that leave objects looking messed up. GOOGLES changed the way files are accessed and all those items stored on google drive are broken. People get tired of building stuff and having it not work.

Make it mandatory to store stuff in a way that it wont go link dead, that its stored by TTS only so that when this game dies or goes offline will be the only time things dont work. and build a better web based file explorer like program i can upload files to and copy links from, so when people and things die.. this game doesnt die too.

a year ago

I support this suggestion as I often have issues with dead links and mod authors either being too lazy to upload again or just say they nuked everything from their computer and cant reupload.

Something I can suggest as an addon, which would also help A LOT with this issue:

When a link is down; players who played the mod before can still access the files from the cache. The game reads all the files when loading, instead of dropping tons of the “Custom” menu window for each item missing; make a window popup listing which stuff is down, and which stuff is down but still on your cache, with an option to upload from your cache everything that is down to your personal steam cloud storage and automatically replace the respective links for the new ones of every selected item.

This way you can create a new save file with working links; which you can ALSO upload to workshop with the intention to rescue the assets for everyone else as well.

a year ago