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Can't even get started!!#1908


I can’t get past the Title Screen in this game. It won’t connect to a server. I want my money back!!

3 months ago

Then request the money back to steam support, if you have less than 2 hours registered playtime and purchased the game no more than two weeks ago they will give you your money back, you only need to ask for it. Writing here wont help you at all.

3 months ago

If you havent tried yet, maybe try restarting the game? @Davidhanthorn

I had a similar issue (i think) yesterday when i launched the game for the first time in a few years. at first launch it seems it was downloading a bunch of in game data, and the buttons to start a game (solo, mp, or hotseat) would do nothing. after I watched the system console say that all things were downloaded (in the chat box area in the lower left) I closed the game and reopened it. at that point was I was able to start solo games.

3 months ago