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Option to open links in overlay or external browser#1913

I suggest adding a new scripting option to open links in the steam overlay or the users default browser.

A warning/confirmation prompt should open to confirm from the user whether the link should open (similar to the tablet in game). The prompt should include a clear warning, the browser type to open, and display the link for the players review. A second “Are you sure” confirmation window could be used to warn the user of potential spam or physhing, and could be used to minimalize risk of opening a link by accident. “This link leaves tabletop simulator, are you sure?”

The reason I request this feature is for a few reasons…

1) I need to reference users to steam guides and other websites where they likely need to be logged in so they can comment or contribute. I was going to use buttons in my UIs that can direct people to sources they can share their bugs, make suggestions ect.

2) I thought it would be nice to offer Support buttons in my UIs to give users the option to make donations or otherwise follow me. When a user selects a button, it would open one of the support sites in their default or overlay browser where they might already be logged in. I didn’t consider directing people to the in-game tablet browser, because I figure its a potential security risk for people to signin.

Another option, is to add new selections within the games main settings that could allow end users to choose how links are opened; default browser, steam overlay or ‘do not open external links’.

To the people who say this is a security risk, I agree and accept that this feature could be used maliciously to link people to dangerous content; but with proper warning prompts, and peoples discretion as to what they click, I personally believe this feature could be integrated without overly endangering players.

Thanks for reading, and for your consideration.

3 months ago