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Possible Fog of War visibility bug#1921

No Idea if this is how it’s supposed to be, But I wish it wasn’t. When an object inside a Fog of War is picked up by the game master, it is visible to everyone regardless of whether or not it leaves that Fog of War.

I wanted to do a D&D encounter where enemies could move around, but because the player’s views were limited, they could only see straight infront of them and not around walls.

So, when I would pick up pawns and move them around on the enemies turn, I was told by my friends that they could, in-fact, see the pieces I was moving, despite the pieces not being above, below, or outside of the FOW.

Below are two images in a test environment. The red pawn outside of the FOW has a visualizer cone allowing sight of only some of the FOW (it does the same thing, regardless of whether or not it is INSIDE the FOW). The other pawn has no changes from how it’d normally spawn in.

In the first screenshot, the second pawn is safely hidden inside the FOW out of sight from everyone but the GM. However, in the second image, I am able to see the GM pick up the piece even though it is still in the FOW and out of sight of the revealer pawn. I could find no mod or fix to this problem, thereby rendering my usage of FOW useless.

a year ago

There is also a “bug” (more like an exploit) if you use a tile for your map (lets say a labrynt) and put the fog of war on it you can ALT to see the the tile without fog and if you happen to pass your cursor over a hidden piece you can also see it, meaning you can cheat and ruin all the secrecy. :S

a year ago

This ratio is a bug

3 months ago

Never encountered this bug in my life

3 months ago