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Tokens come out from bag with wrong scale for clients (they are fine on host)#1938

I have a mod with a couple of bags of custom tokens.

The scale on the custom tokens is around 0.20 ~ 0.25 (depending on the tokens).

I have a setup script that draws objects from these bags and puts them on the main board.

Some players that connect to the host before the setup, will se these objects, as they come out of the bag, with a scale of 1.0/1.0/1.0 (i.e. giant pieces, sinking halfway through the table and into each other, as their position coordinates are still the same as on the server).

This does not happen if they join the server after the setup is done (or leave and reconnect, sometimes they need to do that more than once for all pieces to have the correct size).

This is hard to reproduce, as I need another player connecting, and it happens on their instance.

I was able to reproduce on my instance after giving the server to another player and joining their game with the same mod (unfortunately, I forgot to take a screenshot when it happened in my instance).

This started happening in early January 2023.

2 months ago