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Unkeyed values of lua-generated UI causes the XML to fail silently#1976

The Problem: Unkeyed values in the attributes table of lua-generated UI causes the XML to fail to build and it doesn’t throw an error.

Background: When creating UI through code, I stumble onto the issue. Suddenly my UI didnt display at all and there where no errors in the log. On further inspection of my recent changes, I noticed that I missed a key in an attributes list:

{ tag = “Text”, attributes = { “name_”..i}} - missing key
{ tag = “Text”, attributes = { id = “name_”..i}} - what I wanted to type

Only attributes seem to have this issue.

Attached is a lua-script to reproduce this bug. The relevant line is commented.

If UI like this should not build, then please add an error message, otherwise please fix the issue. Thank you.

13 days ago