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Being able to change default export filetype of the deck builder#1998


The deck builder works great for creating deck files to import custom decks in TTS. I am missing one quality of life feature however. When exporting a file, the default filetype is PNG instead of JPG. I would like to either have JPG to be the default or a preferences option to set the default filetype to either PNG or JPG.

The reason for this is that PNG files are way bigger than JPG. One example using the same 70 source images resulted in a filesize of 43.1 MB for PNG, and a filesize of 2.94 MB for JPG. The results in TTS when importing both files was that they were visually indistinguishable from each other. So seeing that most people don’t change the default value of the filetype, and to save the people who want to export as JPG an extra click on exporting (and sometimes I even forget to do it), the default of JPG seems logical. This will also result in assets created with this tool to be as compact as possible without losing quality, decreasing the overall size of the assets needed to run a mod.

5 months ago