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Deck Placement#2096

I think it would be great if there was a way to place a card into a specific position in the deck through the right click interface, and allow drawing from a specific part of the deck as well in the same way, such as drawing from the bottom of the deck. This is a somehat common mechanic in some card games and I think it would really make these types of games easier. This isn’t a complete problem since it is still technically possible if you cut the deck, place or draw the card on the top of the bottom cut, and then putting both cuts together, but it takes a substantial amount of work for games where this is common place (i.e. Exploding Kittens). It’s just a suggestion but I feel it would be a pretty nice improvement.

2 months ago

i agree, but would’ve named the title of this post different.
Deck placement sounds like spawning a deck of cards on a table

22 days ago