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AltLookAngle behaves weird#2098


AltLookAngle behaves weird: Changing the value in the “AltLookAngle” section of a card inside the JSON file of a mod also modifies how the card is displayed in the search window when searching the deck. The way how the preview in the search window changes and how the Alt-Look view changes are inconsistent. For example, I set “AltLookAngle: {x:0, y:90, z:0}”. This makes the card rotate by 90° about the y-axis in the search-window but using Alt-Look the card is shown rotated 90° about the z-axis, i.e., the card is shown from the side and one can neither see the face nor the back. Setting “AltLookAngle: {x:0, y:180, z:0}” rotates the card by 180° about the y-axis in both the search preview and the Alt-look view, as it supposed to be.

Investigating the problem further it seems like the rotation shown in the search window is just what one would expect from the AltLookAngle setting, but the viewing angle shown when pressing Alt and hovering with the mouse over the object seems to be wrong in two ways:
1.) AltViewAngle =(0,0,0) shows like (180,0,0). One just need to change one of the angles very slightly, for example (0.001,0,0) and the Alt-view shows the card fliped with respect to what is shown when (0,0,0) is set.
2.) The rotation axes seem to be mixed up like

  • If the card is a normal (portrait) card:
    X ->X
    Y -> Z
    Z -> Y
  • If the card is a “sideways” (horizontal) card:
    X -> Z
    Y -> X
    Z -> Y
    Here the letter on the left-hand-side refers to the axis the rotation is set in AltViewAngle and the right-hand-side letter refers to the axis the object actually rotates in the Alt-view.
a year ago