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Please, for the love of things holy, give us a third axis of rotation.#2125

We can rotate objects with Q and E, but WHY cant we rotate them on the other axis? A good example is dominos; you cant set them on their edge to line them up as if to knock them all down. You can do it with the rotate tool but thats clunky and causes it to clip into the table, requiring the use of the move tool as well, so this simple two-button task is now a multi tool, percise tool use task. It seems pretty intuitive to hold shift, ctrl, or alt while pressing Q or E to rotate on the perpendicular axis.

I’m not the first to suggest this, or the first to complain about it. It seems so strange that a game where quickly and precisely manipulating objects in a 3d space is very important that they left out an entire degree of rotation.

9 months ago

Actually you can, just press LeftAlt+Q or E to rotate objects on the other axis.

9 months ago