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Lower System Resources#2128

One of the bigest complaint from my group is the high usage of the systems graphics card, cpu and memory for the TTS app.
This is even on lower spec screen sizes and resulotions and switching off the graphics options..
Can we have some better optimisation.
We also see high usage of intenet bandwidth, can we have optimisation of message packages between users - (assuming here) may be compressed binary json rather raw text.

18 days ago

For reference my game - I have been playing once per week for nearly three years and have saved the game each week. The Json save file is now 22Mib. Last year it was 12Mib. Two years ago it was 3Mib. Three years ago it was 700Kib. I am not saying that I haven’t added lots of objects to the table, I have and it would seam resnoble that the file would grow, but there are tecnologies which allow for saving and reading of large files and faster processing of them, which would help those of us will larger games. I know that some of my friends have stopped using TSS and move to other technogies as the ‘performance lag’ and lack of updates have become too much.

15 days ago