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TTS disables Microphone in Discord#2134

I can speek in Discord just fine in any game except when i open TTS. I have excluse control of my microphone off in setting, All my microphone drivers are correct. Yet the Instant I Alt Tab into TTS dicord stops recieving my input, I can continue to hear everyone but discord shows no voice activity.

Under Microsoft setting > Privacy & Security > Microphone My settings will show discord microphone in use. I open TTS and discord microphone will no longer show in use but TTS wil. Then I can tab out of TTS, Leve and join the discord Call and both discord and TTS Will show in use while TTS is running in background. The second I tab back into TTS Discord Looses microphone access.

9 months ago

Cannot seem to remove this post but my issue was not caused by TTS, Just was experiencing it the most while using TTS. Had to disable my Headsets Noise removal. no clue what interaction cause the noise removal to start removing even my own voice once in game but is no longer happening with this setting off.

9 months ago