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Using VR in this game.#2153

There’s too many things that do VR stuff for setting up as a “used for VR” controls.

It would be nice if this game had a more dedicated VR control for each controller usage because it made me and a friend have to quit and he didn’t want to play anymore.

On top of this with the one that I used it was almost impossible to do anything on playing a game and I was stuck forever on the flick tool as was my friend or they were stuck with selection tool, even though I used the joystick to select the pickup tool.

Grip should be automatically the pick up or trigger the flick should be A or B or simply holding the joystick press. A or B should be selection.

There’s too many things to attempt to fix the issue and should have within it the base game itself.

a month ago

It’s not realistic. Like flicking isn’t used in 99% of games, why bind it to a button?

a month ago