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Bug identified with the rewind: save_state that should have been deleted, gets reshuffle in with previous save_states#2161

I have been testing the rewind system a lot recently. I have discovered an unexpected issue with the rewind that is easily reproducible and occurs 100% of the time. I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned.

What appears to be happening is if im at a certain save_state, let’s say “#5“, and i perform a rewind to the last save_state (“#4“), and then let the game go forward and create the next save state (a “new #5“), but then i hit rewind again to go back to save_state “#4“, instead of finding #4, i find the old #5 save_state. It doesn’t matter how many rewinds i perform consecutively, or at which save_state I’m at when i start to rewind, the very last/ most recent save_state doesn’t disappear, it gets pushed back to the save_state where you stopped rewinding.

Further example: if I’m at save_state #10, and i rewind all the way back to #3 (without allowing creation of other rewind save_states), that #10 ends up “repositioned” in the “timeline” and will exist just after #3 in the timeline. Meaning, if i then let the game continue on, creating more save_states, and i get to save_state #12 (let’s say), and then rewind again all the way back to #3, instead of finding #3, I’ll find the old #10. If i rewind one more time, then i get to the expected #3.

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