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ATOM stops communicating with Tabletop Simulator#2162


I know that save states can make a lot of difference on saving an error. But, when coding, sometimes I perform several Save and play in a minute, other times, I’m coding and it takes a while between save and play.

The issue is that either ATOM as well as other editors lose “connection” with tabletop Simulator. When this happens, it doesn’t matter how many times you push save and play, it just won’t load the current save with your script modifications.

This is more common on highly scripted mods where players besides having bigger scripts, they also have features like onsave with states, onload loading those states and onupdate to perform changes.

Yes, I know we should be careful, specially with the OnUpdate feature, as it can crash Tabletop simulator. Most of my onUpdate functions are performed only on 60 frames and up to avoid becoming slow, and they perform simple tasks.

The issue is that after a while save and load simply stops working.
The workaround is to reload the game and perform get scripts. But you risk losing work if you’re not careful.

a month ago