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Object XML UI Tooltips ignore element's position#2225

The title sums it up. You have no control over where the tooltip appears in relation to an element that is attached to an object. It always appears in relation to the object itself.
This bug wouldn’t be that bad, you could just adjust it using the offsets relative to the object the element is attached to.
EXCEPT you can’t adjust the Z offset. So…. it won’t appear relative to the actual element.

Honestly why is there no way to hook into the same tooltip that appears with the classic UI buttons? The one that moves along with where the mouse is. We know that this exists because you get the same little buton icon when hovering over it. And there’s a sizeable gap between where the cursor is and this little button icon, the perfect space for where tooltips should go.

So, this is both a bug report and a feature request. expose the ability to modify that tooltip. please.

5 months ago