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Image Caching Overhaul + More Security Options#2287

Mods from the game are cached as raw, full sized images on the cliemt machine, which not only has a tendency to eat up A LOT of space, but also gives bad party access to complete assets, which could be problematic for game developers looking to create a version of their game for crowdfunding showcasing.

Images being cached on the machine should have some sort of compression and encoding not only to cut down on size, but also to keep assets from being stolen (There is a lot of unease about the Kelp incident that happened not too long ago)

Along with this, it would be nice to give mod owners the option to disable caching for their mod altogether, if they want to make sure their images are not stored on the client. They would own the experience of people having to redownload assets every time from their stored location

Another suggestion would be to include tools to the developers to keep others from grabbing the stored location for the assets from the “Custom” menu on their tokens / decks / etc, similiar to how official TTS DLC has the XML format when referencing an image (i.e. <Battle For Greyport>Image 1), keeping bad parties from taking the URL and dumping it in the browser to gain access.

I would love to help out with these suggestions, please reach out to me at

a month ago