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Save Descriptions#2290

When adding a new save, the window should include a description box. Then, when the player hovers over a save when on the load menu, the description should display in the tooltip beneath the date.

To change this text, a new option should be added to the “Options>Info” menu (an input box).

If you save to a new save, the value from the info menu should be automatically placed into the description box on the new save window. Autosaves and overwrites wouldn’t change the value.

The purpose of this suggestion is to provide further desription to saves that share similar names or pictures, and would help reduce potential accidental overwrites.

This feature would also be very useful to act as notes for advanced mod authors who have many iterations of the same mod across several saves. The ability to use formatting would be a plus, such as using BBcodes, linebreaks and color. (similar to an objects description box)

Even if this only works for saves made by the user and not for workshop content, I would appreciate it all the same to make easily read notes.

Thank you for your consideration.

23 days ago