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Please add the ability to map right click to a button in VR, because the context menu doesn’t work well.#2295

I’d love it if you added an easy way to map “right click” to a button in VR.

I want to interact with a counter button in we VR that counts up when you left-click and counts down when you right-click.

I know that, if you squeeze the trigger just right, you can bring up the context menu. That’s not what I’m talking about (and tbh, it’s so difficult to squeeze the trigger JUST enough that it opens the context menu but doesn’t trigger a right click that I’d rather just have right click mapped to a separate button anyway).

What I want is to map the “right click” function to the “y” button on the oculus touch controller. I’ve tried remapping the controller in SteamVR, remapping the keybinds in Tabletop Simulator, and editing the “binding_oculus_touch” json in tabletop simulator’s files. Nothing has worked so far. How do I map a right mouse click to a button in Tabletop Simulator VR? Is that even a thing that’s possible? If not, I’d really appreciate the feature!

15 days ago

It’s not possible but it would be great if they added it.. Not sure what you mean about the context menu, that’s the only function of pressing the trigger outside of the flat UIs.

18 hours ago