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A way to contact support again#679


Can you bring back a way to reach out for game support? Everything points to your fourms, but no one can access them. And you are not active on Reddit or Steam, so we have no way to reach out for support. An I am currently experiencing geme breaking issues, and I can’t get any help.

10 days ago

Why did you decide that the developers want to be contacted? They have their own lives and their time is theirs. I think they themselves would like to decide with whom to communicate and with whom not.

This is the bug tracker. Use it for bug reports. Write steps to reproduce the bug and wait until it gets fixed. And don’t require a face-to-face conversation or a real-time conversation.

If you really hate something that has not been completed/fixed for a long time, you can write a negative review. However, this also takes time and patience.

Btw community managers also get paid. It’s cheaper not to have them at all. And it’s not up to us to decide.

9 days ago