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Right click rotates camera through XML GUI#989

  1. Create an XML GUI panel with buttons that accept mouse events.
  2. Right click and drag on the buttons.
  3. Note that the camera still rotates behind the XML GUI, which is distracting.

Motivation for this feature: It is useful (e.g. in a map editor) to allow right click to have XML GUI functionality other than rotating the camera.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

I think I’m a little confused - Xml does already pass in the right click as a different event than another click. Did you have a different suggestion?

I’m generally wary of capturing and preventing movements wholesale when there’s no other way of getting around it in some cases - and in the case of global Xml, you’d want to keep the right click rotation functionality (and allow for middle mouse scrolls as well!) because otherwise you’re putting a pretty hard limit on where people can click and move.

2 years ago